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Spectrum TV Not Accessing DVR - TAKE 2

dgrinnandgrinnan Posts: 22
in TV Equipment Nov 12, 2018

I found someone else with the same exact problem as me.  There post is from 3 months ago.  I know the cuase of the issue becuase the previous poster had their issue resolved. Let me tell you the problem and then I will wait to see if anyone has any addtional information. 


My DVR is the new 210H.  On the equipment tab of my account page it says my DVR is not connected.  On the phone app it says there is no Spectrum device registered. This prevents me from using the remote DVR management feature.  I was a Spectrum customer over a year ago and used this feature heavily.  I was told the problem is the new 210H boxes have not be set up the system yet and will not register.  They also told me they had no idea when they would be updating the system to allow these boxes to work.  


Here is my complant and question: 


How can you roll out a new piece of equipment without first checking it's compatibility with your systems?  I am in IT and this is about as basic as you can get when rolling out a new feature/function.  Now that it is out there, how can you sit on your hands and not fix it as a prority.  It can not be that complicated to configure the system to recognize these DVRs.  


I don't know if it is related or not, but I also had a technician out because the new box is suppose to upscale SD display to HD display.  It s not, it letter-boxes all of my SD channels.  The technician indicated he has the DVR model right before the 210H and his does upscale the SD to HD. He left with no solution. 


Specifically, the channel I watch most with my grandkids that is displayed in the middle of my screen with a wide black border is Disney Jr.  If I pull up a Disney Jr program on demand it displays in full HD? If I use the Spectrum tv app, it displays in full HD.  Yes, I know they are different feeds.  I called customer service to see if I could trade my new 210H for the one older model and they said no??? 

Has anyone been able to get a straight answer from Spectrum in regards to when they might get around to fixing this issue with the DVR registering?




  • timhk63timhk63 Posts: 15
    Nov 12, 2018

    So what did the previous poster do to get this resolved?  I posted  sevreal times about  both of the problems you metion the SD channels in HD on the App and not being able to access the DVR. They havine giving reasons for the problems,but no one has repaired it.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,636 helper
    Nov 12, 2018



    I don't understand it either.  Spectrum should not have released the World Boxes until they could do both Remote DVR Management and Caller ID on TV for Spectrum Phone subs.  My understanding is that if you have the Navigator Guide on a World Box, (no clock) the features will work.  But new Spectrum Guide does not support those features at this time.


    Best solution is to try to get a box with a clock.  But you will most likely be restricted to two-tuners instead of four.  I wish we had a time table, something, ANYTHING for when Spectrum Guide is getting Remote DVR and Caller ID on TV.  Even an approximation would be awesome at this point!



  • dgrinnandgrinnan Posts: 22
    Nov 15, 2018

    In the post from 3 months ago they returned their box and traded it in for a new one.

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