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Can't access Windows Mail?

psongmanpsongman Posts: 81
in Email Dec 13, 2018

HI, I cannot access my regular inbox and windows mail anymore unless I go to webmail or mail.twc.com. Never had trouble before,  We changed the incoming and outgoing s ervers to mail.twc.com and kept the same email address  as the one I logged in here on, but no dice.  So, can anyone help me with this issue? I use Windows Mail and we did change my password also, forgot to mention that. The tech guy helping me said something about ports but there is no such area in the server section of MY ACCOUNT. Will stop here for assistance, thanks for listening, RD

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  • psongmanpsongman Posts: 81
    Dec 20, 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hey ,thanks for the info, the guy for Spectrum helped me also. Something is finally happening with the switchover from TWC to Spectrum, that is  the reason for the  maill.twc changes. NOw, to help all the others that mght be experiencing the same or similar problem....there are no ports areas in  Windows Mail, so forget about that change, though maybe someone else knows about this modificiation....but READY< after doing all this, turn off the computer, then it works. How come all the tech guys don't tell you to do this....asked a friend and he said, something to do with registry stuff  that doesn't lock in, until you reboot the computer, amen!



  • Julia_RJulia_R Posts: 4,189 Lead Mod
    Dec 15, 2018

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the program.


    you are using Windows Live mail?


    If you can provide some more detail your forums peers may be able to help you. 


    Use these settings to set up your Spectrum email account on a mobile device or to use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

    • User Name: Your complete Spectrum email address
    • Password: Your Spectrum email password
    • SSL: ON for both SMTP and IMAP
    • Protocol: IMAP
    • Incoming Email Server: mail.twc.com
    • Incoming Port: 993
    • Outgoing Email Server: mail.twc.com
    • Outgoing Port: 587
    • Requires Authentication: Yes


    You may want to remove the email and try re-adding it to the email program.

    If you have email you would like to keep and they are not still stored on our server you 

    would want to save those before removing and re-adding i believe that program will 

    not save them if you remove the address.


    Can any of our forums participants chime in? Who uses Windows Mail?



    Julia R.

    Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care

    Lead Moderator-Community Forums

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