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Where is the infrared indicator located on the face panel of the 201-T DVR receiver?

JoeRodneyJoeRodney Posts: 1
in TV Equipment Dec 20, 2018

I have my new Spectrum 201-T DVR receiver in my equipment closet that is in a room behind my TV. I use a Universal RF remote control device to control my TV and related equipment. I need to find the infrared port or indicator button on the face panel of the 201-T so that I can stick a wired infrared emitter over it that comes from my RF device in the closet. I need to cover the infrared indicator on the 201-T with the emitter in order to use my RF remote to control the Spectrum 201-T, and change channels, tell it to record programs, tell it to play a selection, etc. The infrared indicator or button CANNOT be seen on the face panel. I have not been able to locate it by a "hunt and peck" method. Can anyone help me with the location? I can't find a diagram on the net that shows the location. Thanks!

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