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JKellyJKelly Posts: 67
edited August 27 in Watch TV 2019 Archive Feb 06, 2019

Are there any Spectrum boxes with 4 or 6 tuners? 


  • JKellyJKelly Posts: 67
    Feb 07, 2019


  • krel_2018krel_2018 Posts: 256
    Feb 13, 2019

    the arris DCX 3600-M is a 6 tuner if you can get that one. though i would go into a store and ask to see if they have any!!! i would avoid the world box with a passion as that's a disaster with the guide being up in the cloud sometime the guide will download and sometimes it won't it will just leave you there with a grey screen with lines going across it doing wonky things!!! and it's only a 4 tuner unit and there's NO clock on it if that makes a difference

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