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I just signed up for Spectrum Internet and TV.  I am trying to figure out how the installation is going to work.  Several years ago I signed up for AT&T U-verse.  During that installation, they disconnected, cut and removed some of the coax.  I have a feeling they did this to prevent cable service from being provided to my address. What I need is a wiring diagram of how cable from Spectrum works.  I assume there is a single coax that runs from the box in-front of my house to the service panel on the side of my house.  Then from there, is there a splitter, or how is it distributed to all of the other rooms?  What is the home has old RG-59 do we have to run RG-6?





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    AT&T had to cut the Coax up to the CableCo Demarc in order to prevent AT&T U-Verse from backfeeding the cable plant. The HPNA equipment that U-Verse uses will absolutely wreck service for all Spectrum customers on your node if they didn't disconnect the old cable service in some way. If they did happen to cut and remove the old cable drop, Spectrum probably won't be happy, but installation will take care of fixing that as well as ensuring that AT&T U-Verse (if you still have it now) doesn't backfeed onto the cable service.


    RG-59 vs RG-6 will generally boil down to how good the coax is working in general. Spectrum should replace the RG-59 (they probably won't fish through walls though) as part of the install mostly as a preventative measure, but they should perform tests against it to ensure it's not noisy or causing too much attenuation. A splitter will be used where all of your home's Coax resides to distribute service to all modems and Televisions in the house. They won't / shouldn't "daisy chain" a splitter off of another splitter.


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    Thanks. I hope I can work with the installer to allow me to do the pulls through the attic. I really hate exposed cable, especially when I have already created pathways to a central location.
    The only path I don't have is from the service panel to the attic. I may need to do a little drywall cutting this week.
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