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Not able to Accessing Cloud DVR from Home Spectrum Internet

Hey guys,
I just signed up for the Streaming Choice plan and Cloud DVR. I also have Spectrum Internet which I've had since 2012 when it was TWC. Current Internet package is Spectrum Ultra(400/20). All services seem to be running fine except for when I try to playback a cloud DVR recording when I'm connecting using my home Spectrum Internet service. If I access the Cloud DVR from LTE on my mobile phone all works fine. When accessing from my home spectrum internet I get different errors depending on the device:
For Apple TV: We're sorry. Something didn't work quite right. Please try again later. AOD-9000
For iPhone: Recording Unavailable - We're sorry, we're unable to play your selection. Please Try again later. ICD-1003
I've tried to reboot by Modem, Router, etc. Anyone else have this issue?


  • joboo7777joboo7777 Posts: 8
    Apr 25, 2019

    For those interested. I was able to resolve the issue. I had to remove the OpenDNS Servers and revert to Spectrum DNS servers on my router for this to work. I have 5 kids so I use OPENDNS to restrict inappropriate content. I only block a few categories related to Pornography so not sure why this was causing an issue.


    Anyway, in case others have this issue and use custom DNS you may want to start there.

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