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Can I attach USB 3.0 NAS to Arris 1670A

wkwhittenbergwkwhittenberg Posts: 4
in Home Networking May 04, 2019

I have an Arris 1670A router which has a USB port on the back and I'd lie to replace my ethernet Network Attached Storage with a USB 3.0 external hard drive. But when I plug in the USB drive it doesn't show up in the router's client list. Is this USB port functional?


  • cp0015cp0015 Posts: 23
    May 06, 2019

    It would seem of using a TWC Spectrum-issued Gateway Cable Modem/Router instead of owned one. Because of this, the USB ports on them are disabled for some reason and only used to charge power devices such as a smartphone or tablet.


    So in order to connect a USB Storage Drive for home network sharing, might need to invest in either option, but not both:

    • Option 1:  A Gateway Cable Modem/Router with USB Storage feature (third-party) from retail or online store. It need  to be DOCSIS 3.0 or higher. May need to contact Spectrum to provide Serial or MAC Address to use Cable Internet with owned device. If you have Spectrum Phone Service (landline-based, not Spectrum Mobile),  the Spectrum-issued one is still needed to make or receive calls, as the owned one don't have a phone jack, and should turn off Wi-Fi on issued device as Internet/Router function won't be used besides owned one.
    • Option 2:  Adding a second router (not a gateway) from a third-party brand which permit the feature. You also need to configure router settings to allow the second router (owned) to connect to Spectrum-Issued one to be on the same LAN, and whether Wi-Fi is used on either Spectrum-Issued one or own second router.  Search for "cascading routers"

    A gateway or router with Wireless-AC capability is recommended for broad range and speeds.

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