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Wifi drops

IRKhelpmeIRKhelpme Posts: 9
in Connectivity Aug 09, 2019

After a few days of monitoring, I am finding that most of my drops are wifi only.  When they happen, ALL devices drop.  I can be sitting immediately next to the router and have no wifi.  Sometimes, the wifi even insists I am giving it the wrong password when I am not.  I also can't go to the router through the IP address.  


I need this to be fixed.


Can this be related to signal strength?  Where do I go from here with support?


  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452
    Aug 09, 2019

    To start...


    What models of modem and router?

    What devices are connected and how (wifi or ethernet)?

    Describe the coax run as best you can from the tap to the modem...coax length, splitters, etc.

    Do ethernet connected devices also drop?

    What plan are you subscribed to?

    What speeds are you seeing on ethernet connected devices?

  • IRKhelpmeIRKhelpme Posts: 9
    Aug 09, 2019

    I have a Technicolor Model:TC8717T

    I have an iPhone, TV, computer (without ethernet), computer with ethernet, Hue hub, and AEP smart meter hub connected.  

    The coax comes about 100' from the pole to the outside box on my house, from that box about 20' to a hole in the floor where it is connected to the modem.

    I am subscribed to the 100 mb plan with wifi.

    I am not a heavy user for the most part.  When I am on the TV streaming, I am typically just on my phone.  I also don't have problems at my parents 1 block away with the same plan as me.  So, pretty certain the bandwidth isn't a problem.


    When the drops happen, I have absolutely nothing in terms of wifi internet.  Most (not all) of the time, ethernet appears to be OK.  I have only been tracking that for the last week. The problems started in May but I have just found out the ethernet issue as I had to refurbish a computer with ethernet so I had one that would connect that way.  So, last week was the first week with that knowledge.


    Typically speeds when disconnects are going crazy aren't an issue... but today I take that back.  Wifi was out for 36 minutes this morning, then 7 minutes, then 1 minute and here are my speedtest results right now:

    Ethernet: 34.53/7.15 

    Wifi 5G 29.99/9.45

    Wifi  non-5G 14.97/9.75 (although second test just gave 68 mb down)


    I am sitting next to the router and the 2 testing computers are side by side right now.


    My ancient computer is the only ethernet capable device I possess other than my Hue bridge so I don't know how that is impacting things.  It is around 10 years old.


    I should notes techs have been here 4 times and called line maintence all 4 times.  It is better.  I have days when it never glitches now.  I didn't start that way.  The problem is I work from home and was late to a meeting already.


    Weird thing... last week, on Friday, I was logged into Blackboard Collaborate when the wifi dropped out.  I had no access to web pags or email on any device but my online meeting wasn't touched and the outage lasted around 7 minutes.  I find it hard to believe it buffered for that long. 


    I can buy my own wifi router but I like having it with Spectrum as work reimburses my Internet.

  • cp0015cp0015 Posts: 23
    Aug 16, 2019

    It would seem the Wi-Fi Channel setting on Cable Modem Gateway (or Separate Router) is also used by other networks available in the area, which can affect issues such as slow speeds or temporary drop in connection.


    I would suggest using a Wi-Fi Analyzer/ Scanner (available as an app for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc.)  and scan for a list of networks with a Channel not used by others. The best Wi-Fi Channels for 2.4GHz frequency are:  1, 6 and 11.  The Channel Width must be 20MHz (40MHz has interference). For 5GHz frequency, it would be the upper ones:  149, 153, 157 and 161. The Channel Width can be  either 40MHz or 80MHz.


    Once finding an un-used channel, access the gateway/ router settings (login needed), then to Wi-Fi page for Channel and Channel Width drop-down selections. After applying changes, it should see improvement in stable Wi-Fi connection and speed as possible.

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