KFVE in Hawaii? (Maui digital lineup)

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Supposedly, we were notified that KFVE was moving to channels 22/1022 in January. When looking for it in my live guide and on the spectrum channel lineup/guide website, KFVE is nowhere to be found. It's listed as varying forms of KHNL (possibly KHNL or KHNLDT2, etc, but not as KFVE.) What happened to KFVE and and why is the lineup information incorrect?

As of now, the guide is showing KHNL/NFL preseason football. What's actually showing in the last half hour was TMZ.




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    The only information we have available is that KFVE is now K5 and is available on channel 22/1022.   Because we have limited access to Hawaii accounts, any additional questions should be directed to the local offices.  If you would like us to set up a call back from the local office, please let us know. 

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    Thank you for the replies.


    Yes, they moved renamed KFVE to K5 and moved it to Spectrum channels 22/1022. The broadcast channel is 13.2, KHII is something different.

    The guide data is incorrect, as posted in the online guide by Spectrum. It does not show the correct call sign and does not show the correct programming data. You can check it using zip code 96768 Kahului Digital Lineup.


    Yesterday it showed the same listings as for KHNL (today as well), and it was showing different programming. Was trying to watch the news there since both KHNL and KGMB were airing preseason NFL games which preempted the 5:00pm news.  (5:30 or 6:00 on K5)

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