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Cannot control streamed/on-demand content with remote

Jaime_CharlotteJaime_Charlotte Posts: 4
edited August 27 in Watch TV 2019 Archive Aug 24, 2019

I have an odd problem on two separate but identical cable boxes.  When I start streaming a movie, loke from HBO or other, I can control the movie to do things like pause, rewid, ff, etc. However, after a few minutes into the movie, I cannot do any of these thigs. Pressing the buttons does nothig.  The only option is to 'exit' the movie and at that point I regain full funcrionality of the remote.  This happens on two boxes at home with two different remotes so I doubt it is 'bad' h ardward.  I cannot imagine this being a setting eithher but suspecting some type of bug.  Any ideas?


  • krel_2018krel_2018 Posts: 256
    Aug 25, 2019

    you cannot FF or rewind on demand content!!! the only thing you can do is pause on demand content..

  • reds91185reds91185 Posts: 2,452 ✭✭✭✭
    Aug 26, 2019

    The content provider (HBO in this case) decides what functionality is available for its On Demand content. Here, HBO is restricting the ability to ff or rw. Not being able to pause is odd though. This could be a glitch with Spectrum's on demand system. 

  • Jaime_CharlotteJaime_Charlotte Posts: 4
    Sep 03, 2019

    Thanks but that is not the case for all content.  If I RENT a movie, I should be able to pause, FF and Rewind. This is not the case here.  Remember I also said it works for a few minutes into the movie.  I know there is content you cannot control on demand and such times you do get a warning to that effect but there is other content you should be able to control with the remote.  This was working until just a few weeks ago.

  • krel_2018krel_2018 Posts: 256
    Sep 04, 2019

    tell that to the content provider. that's one reason i won't use on demand!!! i gues we should be lucky that we get it for two days. id'e much rather have the 4k blu ray in front of me vs wasting $$$ on on demand

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