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in Connectivity Jan 20, 2020
I was hoping someone could clarify some information for me. I currently have gigabit service through Spectrum. I had a technician come out a week ago, and said my Spectrum provided modem is the problem and to replace it. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for me to be able to get to a store and do this. As a result, I’ve looked online at approved homeowner 3.1 modems. I’ve read elsewhere that Spectrum currently only authorizes Spectrum provided modems for their gigabit service— is this true?

And if so, what modem options does Spectrum provide? On the website, I only see one 3.1 modem listed (TC4400). Are there others? I currently have the Ubee E31U2V1.

Thanks for any help that can be provided. Talking to online chat yesterday, they were wanting to send another technician out when I literally had one out last weekend.



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    Jan 20, 2020

    Spectrum uses the E31U2V1 (Ubee), E31T2V1 (Technicolor) and E31N2V1 (Hitron) for Gigabit service. The Technicolor TC4400 was used in some early Gigabit installs where voice service wasn't being used, and prior to Specturm having eMTA modems.


    As far as I know, Spectrum doesn't have any Gigabit approved customer owned modems, but I've heard of success getting modems like the Motorola MB8600 and Arris SB8200 activated in some markets.


    What sort of problem are you having with Gigabit?

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    Jan 20, 2020
    Thank you for the response and info! It’s primarily with lack of speed. My hardwired to modem speed is generally anywhere from 500 mbps to 700 mbps. When the technician came out, he mentioned he was getting 1250 mbps up to the modem, but then from the modem only in the low 700s.. sometimes mid 600s. This is why he suggested I swap out the modem.

    Regarding the Motorola MB8600 and Arris SB8200, it'd just be a matter of calling in to request activation if I were to try either one out to see if they’d approve it? I just want a reliable option.
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    Jan 20, 2020

    Basically yes:



    In Spectrums own approved modem list they state the MB8600 is valid for up to 400mbps....with no mention that I can find that they consider the SB8200 as approved .  I beleive it is on the minifully qualified list for gig service. 

    I do know that a number of people have been using both on the gigabit tier for at least 2 years now. 

    the Netgear CM1000V2 is also certified for up to 400mbps.   <----EDIT 

    Of the 3 Spectrum gigibit modems, only 1 allows  you to access the signals page. 


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    Jan 21, 2020
    Any recommendation of one modem over another? I’ll try to either go in or call this week if I get a chance to replace the modem. Which one allows access to the GUI? I haven’t had luck trying to access the Ubee model.
    I’m also open to ordering the Netgear model you mentioned if it’s compatible with the gig service.
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    Jan 21, 2020

    Be very careful if you get the Netgear's a specific model and there are like 3 other model versions.....


    CM1000v1= Broadcom BCM3390 processor

    CM1000v2=Braodcom BCM3390R which drops certain unecessary functions for a modem like zigbee, pcie, usb, etc so the chip is a little cheaper to purchase but still performs the same for modem functions.

    CM1100= is a cm1000 with 2x ethernet ports for link aggregation

    CM1200= I believe is same as cm1100 with 4x ethernet ports for link aggregation.

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    Jan 21, 2020
    thanks for the clarification reds91185....I miswrote and edited my post .
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    Jan 22, 2020
    Thanks for the info everyone. Given the lack of support by Spectrum for non-Spectrum provided modems.. I’ll likely just replace it with whatever they have, which I’m assuming will be another Ubee. I know the technician said that’s the only one he has seen.
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