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Records series

eznoheznoh Posts: 32 ✭✭

I can record a series if I can find it in the guide but what about upcoming episodes of a series I can't find in the guide? The search function finds episodes and let's me record them one by one. Is there a way to search for a program and record that series?


  • SatchSatch Posts: 3,746 helper
    Jan 16, 2020


    To best answer this question we need to know the guide you have on the box- see here:


    And some examples of shows that do NOT give the Record Series Option.


    Please note that some shows, such as Sports cannot be recorded as a series, this is due to several factors:


    1.) The time factor intervals associated with Sporting Events, especially running overtime, and few people knowing how to add extra time to a live sports event.


    2.) Rain delays forcing postponement of the sports games, making guide data inaccurate.


    3.) Older cable boxes in the field that don't have the memory storage space to hold a whole season of games or a whole team's games.


    4.) Gracenote, the listing media company that does the listings for Spectrum's guides being able to keep the on-going live sports data updated, especially with #2 being an issue even under the best of conditions.  Gracenote discussed these conditions and determined that it was in the best interest of box functionality and for accurate programing information to be as best as possible, that live sports games/teams should only be recorded one by one.


    5.) Remember that a DVR is NOT a permanent storage archive and should not be considered as such.  It is to catch up on shows missed that generally should be watched within a maximum of one month after being recorded.  You can keep the shows for as long as you wish, but keep in mind that system maintenance, box and software updates to the guide COULD erase recordings.  So you could see how people would be inconvenienced by having a whole series of sports games or sport team games on the DVR only to be wiped clean by maintenance or a software update.


    In addition to the software parameters for Sports and TV programs there is another rule for RECORD SERIES programing:


    *Your cable box MUST be able to find at least ONE instance of a series episode in order to be able to record that show as a series.  This means that the series must show complete data in the search results. (With cover art on qualifying boxes/guides) and episodes listed. And it also must be selectable from the guide.


    The new Spectrum Guide. (The first guide example shown in the link above) had a bug where where you could not delete a series unless at least one existing episode of that series was forthcoming in the guide.  I run ODN Navigator, the second guide shown in the link on my box, and do not know if this bug has been fixed.  I do know that if it hasn't been fixed, it is a known issue.


    Hope that this clarifies any confusion about the series options.






  • eznoheznoh Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Jan 22, 2020

    The reply was of no help at all but I did find a solution via google, it is possible but so archane it would be implossible to figure it out. Really need a "record series" choice for future episodes.

  • eznoheznoh Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Jan 30, 2020

    Turns out the Android Spectrum TV app will find and record series.



  • retiredafretiredaf Posts: 18
    Feb 29, 2020
    This sounds like Gracenote is just being lazy. I’ve been recording auto racing as a series for years and I know to tell it to end two hours later in case of delays. It sounds like they just need to educate people on how to use their DVR instead of shutting off the service. I don’t expect them to change the guide during a delay, though it helps if they update it if there’s a postponement to a different day. I sent a complaint through spectrum which is what Gracenote says to do and I hope many others will also do the same to get our series recordings back
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