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WiFi bulk account - Connecting a security camera to 2.5g

tgittgit Posts: 3
in Connectivity Jun 04, 2020

I just tried to call support and the agent was as pleasant and helpful as a wall. He literally said, "I don't know." then there was a silent pause no additional help offered. So, I'm giving this a shot.

  • I have a security camera that will only connect to 2.5G WiFi - I do not have access to the MAC address of the camera
  • I live in an apartment complex that has a bulk account, therefore I don't have access to a router or the ability to manually select a 2.5G option when connecting to WiFi. By default the community WiFi being offered is 5g.
  • The security camera I am attempting to connect to the internet utilizes my iPhone's WiFi connection to get started. 

That being said, how can I go about forcing my iPhone (and as a result security camera) to 2.5G? How do I access the slower bands? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!


I've spent a ton of time trying to figure this out by scouring the internet. After my call with Mr. Attitude in support, I am so frustrated! I'm sure someone else has run into this problem before, I just can't find a reference to it. 


  • karlbeckmankarlbeckman Posts: 2,206 ✭✭✭✭
    Jun 04, 2020

    Just to recap, you do not have a subscription to Spectrum for TV, phone, or cable service, and you do not have physical or legal access to the  apartment building's network equipment.  So you expect Spectrum to give you technical support and electronic access to someone else's internet service connection??  

    You will need to work this out with the apartment complex directly, or you may be able to obtain your own personal internet connection from Spectrum or another provider, in compliance with terms of your dwelling rental agreement. 

  • Smith6612Smith6612 Posts: 44
    Jun 04, 2020

    Chances are your community Wi-Fi supports 2.4Ghz devices, you're just not seeing separated 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks. If your camera can see the network when it's performing a scan, you're good to go. Not including 2.4Ghz on a network design would prevent so many devices from being able to join the network that it would be a pretty worthless community network.


    If you really need your phone to join the 2.4Ghz network in order for your camera's setup app to work, you can "Death grip" the phone OR, step out of range of the network, then rejoin it on a weak signal. Then walk back to your camera and complete setup. You may be able to join the camera to the network manually as well, if the camera provides such settings like entering the SSID, Encryption, and Password manually.

  • tgittgit Posts: 3
    Jun 05, 2020

    Thank you. You're correct, it absolutely supports 2.4Ghz, it's just not an option that I can select when joining networks. It's such a pain that the apartment complex does this, also that Spectrum doesn't have a fix for it. 


    I tried the death grip and going out of range. Neither will work, I can't keep the signal weak enough long enough for it to connect. I'll see if I can do some research on the camera itself and figure out if I can add it manually. Looking at the camera itself I don't see a MAC address (which is what I needed in order to add my TV to the network manually). 


    Thanks again for trying to help! 


    I also attached a photo of the camera box, in case someone happens to be familiar with an obscure security camera from China.

    The notation that it's dual-band/runs on 5Ghz is just slimy advertising - It runs on 5G when hard-wired to a router,  not WiFi.



  • tgittgit Posts: 3
    Jun 05, 2020

    I do have a subscription with Spectrum, that lists my name and unit number. However, the router itself is run through the apartment complex and I cannot access it. Spectrum has a separate Bulk Account management system.


    Essentially it's a way for apartment complexes to bloat residents monthly payments, while they (the complex) has an agreed-upon flat amount that they pay spectrum directly each month. Each resident pays the complex an extra $100/mo that's tacked on to rent as a line item that includes basic internet and cable, no choice in the matter, it's mandatory we pay for it. It's a very big brotheresque setup and everyone wins aside from the consumer. 


    I COULD pay Spectrum directly to upgrade my internet and have my own router installed, but I refuse to pay an extra $50+/mo so I can directly access 2.4Ghz. Something that should be a default offering in the $100 I'm already paying for the services. 


    Anyway, all besides the point. I'll continue my search for a workaround. It's sounding like forcing my iPhone to a 2.4 connection is the only answer. Aside from paying more each month.

  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 642 ✭✭✭✭
    Jun 05, 2020
    Ran into similar weirdness once with a wireless speaker.

    Phone connected ad hock to the speaker to access it's linux based GUI for configuration. From there, you scanned for your local wifi to put in password to get it on your network... and it could not find either of my bands (2.4 and 5g are named differently).

    Forgot that I had disabled legacy wifi support on my router.

    May need to verify exactly what the camera supports... wireless a, b, g, N, AC. It may require an older standard that the complex has disabled.

    Found a listing on ebay that says it supports WPA-2 encryption and the 11b, g, and N standards.
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