Is Spectrum aware that some customers can not send emails from outside of the U.S?

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I am a long time customer of Spectrum, approximately 8 years. During this time, I have traveled around to many different countries and have always been able to use my email, both send and receive email. However, since around January - March of 2019, I have not been able to send email. My emails are simply blocked and I get an error code "1040". I understand that this is the time that TWC and Spectrum merged and their was a transition with the email. When I contact spectrum about the issue, I am simply told that the email does not work outside of the country. My question is, WHY? why did spectrum feel that it was necessary to prohibit sending email from outside of the country? Was it a purposeful and conscious decision? or, Is it a flaw with the merger? In these times technology is advancing, it's very difficult for me to believe that spectrum decided to block such a crucial communication tool. It is a step back in time rather that a forward advance in technology. I have tried several other work around for this problem, and thankfully, I found that OUTLOOK app for my iphone, allows me to add and use my email account their. However, it is quite inconvenient. The lack of knowledge from support is rather depressing and the lack of motivation for support to look into the situation is also disheartening.

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    Have you tested it via VPN?

    Can be hit and miss for different reasons, but it is a common tactic when people run into regional restrictions with various sites/services.

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