ODN Guide Still Shows Missing Cover Art When PPV's Designated as "Events" are Selected from Keyboard

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ODN Guide Feedback- This is to update that a listing bug persists, (last reported in February 2020) that whenever designated PPV events are shown in keyboard search results as an "Event" when searching for them through the keyboard, there is no cover art shown in search results. Boxes that apply are any ODN guide (former Navigator) boxes in legacy TWC/Brighthouse Networks markets.

Any PPV content that is NOT designated as an "Event" in Keyboard Search listings shows up with the correct cover art and listing information.

These brands would be all Arris, Cisco/Technicolor, and Samsung Models running the ODN guide software in former legacy TWC/Brighthouse Networks markets.. It is not known if this issue applies to the new Spectrum Guide World Boxes, or boxes and guide software running in legacy Charter markets.

The Workaround for this bug- Select desired PPV events by ordering them on ODN boxes by searching through the Time Grid and selecting the cell that contains the PPV Event listing. Through this process, cover-art and purchasing information appears as it should.

Screenshots below:

The first image shows what our keyboard search system looks like: (No TWC logo in the corner anymore, but the rest is the same.)

The next is a shared Google Docs link that describes the issue above in greater detail, and provides a screenshot of what is seen when PPV Events are selected using ODN Keyboard Search:

Software version is ODN 9.0.2



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    Oct 17, 2020


    For the easiest reference, This is the blank search screen that shows up on the ODN Guide when you do a keyboard search for any listing that is a PPV designated as an "Event.":


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