IP reported to Spamhaus ????

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To my shock and disbelief, Charter- Warner- Spectrum reported my modem public ipv4 IP to Spamhaus ZEN - PBL. My husband and I are retired, and we have no idea what is going on. Totally mystifying, as we haven't been hacked. No idea how long ago this was reported by Spectrum. Seems to be a bot thing.

Spectrum techs have no idea why this is happening and have coached us to change the IP address with no success. Looks like I have to change my modem with another Spectrum modem, or get my own modem to get an IP change. This IP address seems to be static as it's the same for awhile, and I have tried to turn off the modem overnight and do the change using cmd with no success.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance


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    This is normal. All residential /dhcp ip addresses are on the spamhaus zen list.

    Spamhaus Zen Reports Dynamic Ip Addresses

    Dynamic-based Blacklists will list many DHCP ranges of IP Addresses from Internet Service Providers. You could be listed if your IP Address was previously dynamically assigned, or if your ISP gave you a static assignment and did not assign a distinguished PTR-Record, aka a "Reverse DNS Entry."

    It's to prevent home users from creating mail servers and sending out spam.

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    Thanks. Any more information on this?

    Below is the blurb on Spamhaus Zen page-- I have never heard of an ISP giving Spamhaus a customer IP address as Spectrum did "just because" to avoid abuse. The Spectrum tech reps did NOT say that this was normal and acceptable practice, and could NOT explain it.

    See blurb on Spamhaus regarding the Charter reporting. The link help.rr.com below is not working. All very strange.

    Outbound Email Policy of Charter Communications for this IP range:

    It is the policy of Time Warner Cable/Road Runner to share with other entities lists of our dynamic IP address space. While Time Warner Cable/Road Runner does not currently forbid customers from sending out mail directly from such space, it recognizes that others may wish to refuse mail from such space, and so Time Warner Cable/Road Runner makes that space known to others to facilitate their enforcement of their policies. Customers finding their mail refused by others due to a PBL listing should send their outbound mail through the outbound mail server designated for them; see http://help.rr.com/HMSFaqs/e_emailserveraddys.aspx for more information on the servers' names.

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