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Feedback Regarding Programming Notices Page

Joey1986Joey1986 Posts: 167 ✭✭✭✭
edited June 2 in Channels & Programming Jun 02, 2021

I couldn’t use the feedback button on the Programming Notices page, at When I tried to submit feedback I got a message saying, “We’re sorry. Feedback isn’t available right now.” This has been an issue for at least the last month. For this reason, I ask the mods to pass along the following feedback on my behalf, if they can:

  1. Remove outdated information—that is, previously-announced changes that have already happened. For example, some of these changes date back as far as September of last year.
  2. Update programming notices in every region served by Spectrum more consistently. For example, I’ve noticed that New York and other east coast regions get updated more often than other areas, such as my area (Los Angeles/Southern California). My area hasn’t seen an update since December of last year, and since then, some unposted changes have occurred, such as surprise channel additions.
  3. Phrasing/wording of certain changes: a) An impending encryption of TV service should be called exactly what it is: encryption. Why do you call it an “All Digital Rebuild”? I thought your entire footprint was already all-digital. It’s just that until encryption occurs, subscribers can get digital channels through Clear QAM, without a box. b) When a local broadcast station switches one of its subchannels from one network to another (for example, when WTEN in Albany, NY, changed one of its subchannels from getTV to Cozi TV), that’s not a “rebrand.” That’s a programming change, since those are two different networks, and both networks still exist. A rebrand occurs when a network changes its name (for example, when Light TV became TheGrio—the former no longer exists because it’s now the latter). The broadcast station itself does not make this change; the owner of the network does.

Again, if the feedback button on that page worked, I would’ve posted the above information there instead of here.



  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,069 ADMIN
    Jun 02, 2021

    Thanks, we will pass along your feedback.

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