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I’m in the DFW area and ever since I woke up yesterday morning to these notifications, my Internet has been unbearable. If I try playing anything online, I get packet loss and spikes every minute or so where the game is completely unplayable. I thought it was just the game at first, but then I noticed whenever that happened if I was FaceTiming with somebody, they would say I would say I sounded like a robot and cut out during the exact time that it happened to me while I was playing. Also have blips if I was streaming something on the tv at the same time as well. I got a new modem and router today and still have the same issue and they say they’re gonna send someone on Saturday, but the timing of those alerts and my issues just makes me think it might be something bigger than just a technician coming out would be able to help with. Any suggestions?

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    Hi @CamJohn90, welcome to our community!

    If you are having the same issue with a new modem and router it is most likely a signal problem. While it's certainly possible there is an ongoing area issue we haven't detected, if there are no active outage alerts we recommend normal troubleshooting (rebooting modem/router/devices, test with an ethernet cable connected to the modem) and scheduling an appointment with a technician.


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    I did schedule it and will have to wait till Saturday. I also did do all the basic troubleshooting prior to replacing the equipment itself. To me it just seems like the timing is too perfect to be a coincidence. Had 0 issues up until the morning I woke up and saw those notifications. Hopefully I’m wrong and the tech is able to resolve it.

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    Sounds like there are issues upstream of your modem (they actually detected a problem in the system that needed to be addressed).

    Could be out towards the pole, down the street, or further down the line at another node along your route(s).

    They have to start inspecting/documenting somewhere though. The tech may not find something on your premises, but may find signs of an issue that can be escalated to a higher team to address further up the line.

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