How do I check what devices are connected to my internet

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  • Tinaandoreo4ever2224
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    How do I check what devices are connected to my internet

  • RAIST515O
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    Should start your own thread for this... and provide the make/model of your router as it can vary by device.

    For example, on the more recent Asus routers there is a button for the client list right there on the network map that comes up when you initially log in (the blue shaded button in the attached demo pic). On other routers, it may be in a submenu elsewhere.

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    Hi there @Tinaandoreo4ever2224, welcome to our community!

    I've split this into its own thread. If you are using your own router we'd need to know the make/model to answer this, but for a Spectrum router you can go to, click on your router and then "devices", or you can go to the same page using the My Spectrum app.