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Apple TV 4K Spectrum TV app no picture I have been successfully using Apple TV 4k (2nd Generation A2169) with the Spectrum TV app since I acquired it in May 2021. Using tvOS 15.2. On Thursday 1/20/2022 the Spectrum TV app ceased to function properly. The Spectrum app no longer provides a picture instead I get a black screen. I can hear clear audio and can change channels. All my other apps work as advertised. There have been no changes to any equipment and not updates in recent weeks. I therefore conclude it must be the signal Spectrum is sending. Spectrum TV app for iOS works on both my iPhone and iPad. Thursday evening, I spent 4 hours with customer support for both Spectrum and Apple. Got bounced back and forth like a pin ball. Why after 7.5 months of working is this problem manifesting now. Spectrum what is wrong. My service area is in the 92130 zip code. I ran Ookla and got 350 Mbps / 24 Mbps download and upload speeds and zero errors and zero distortion. Need a solution.


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