replacing spectrum cables in Tierrasanta, san diego Calif.

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Had 2 people (no obvious identification) coming onto my property and others in our neighborhood (la morada drive).

The 2 started uncapping the green cannisters on my and others property. I first asked them what's up. He said "nothing". This kept going on. I asked his partner he stated there is a spectrum cable broken and needs work. Asked him when this is supposed to happen.

He acted like I should already been aware.

Does Spectrum or any one else know of spectrum's cable replacement in San Diego,CA. Research on internet shows nothing I could see.




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    Hi @Lance1_D, welcome to our community.

    They were likely making repairs for an issue reported by one of your neighbors or as part of proactive maintenance which we do everywhere on an ongoing basis. Easement rights do grant our technicians property access, but they should be in Spectrum marked vehicles or of someone we've contracted. Was the cap replaced and are you having any problems with your service now?

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