My internet drops for a few minutes at a time, multiple times per day

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Several times a day, my modem seems to lose connection. Lights on the modem indicate the problem is there, not at my wireless router. The My Spectrum app also confirms the modem is not connected if I can get signed into the app in time. But then things usually reconnect before I can get much more information, or before I get anywhere with the chat in the app.

I've power-cycled the modem (and router too, just for fun), unplugged things, plugged them back in, etc. It is still happening. What is the logical next thing to try?

I don't want to stay home for a service call only to have the problem be outside, or something replacing the modem could easily fix.

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    Good evening @scottseagroves and Welcome to Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you. When the drops occur, do the lights start to flash on the modem? What are you seeing that indicates the issue is with the modem? You can definitely swap the modem out at any of our office locations if you would like. Our offices can be found here. -Lyn


  • scottseagroves
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    Can I just show up at the office and swap?

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    Good afternoon! @scottseagroves

    Yes you can! Some of our offices offer appointments that make things a little easier. You click on the store you want to visit and our system will let you know if appointments are available. -Lyn

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