Why did my TV display just a black screen?

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During the night, the video froze and there was no sound. The cable box looked okay displaying the time, so there was no hardware upgrade in progress. I changed the channel several times and it just displayed a blank screen, but it did show the channel number and name at the bottom of the screen. I called in the problem and was sent a "corrective signal" which didn't fix the problem. Then a signal was sent to re-boot the box. After that, it was corrected. What might the problem have been?

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  • Ruben_R
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    I do apologize for this inconvenience. It might have been a signal issue on the area, that was fixed after the reprovisioning.


  • deedleann824
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    Recently I had a problem with my TV. A corrective signal didn't fix the problem, but a hardware re-boot did.

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