Is anyone else suffering through poor App performance?

I have the cloud service and therefore all my TV viewing must be done through the app. I am currently utilizing the 4k Apple TV box. I've used this system for the past 3 years, and performance is growing progressively worse. The app has been down frequently this past year, and many times while playing "recorded" programs, the picture pixellates, freezes, and resets the viewing position back to the beginning when I use the fast-forward function, and then won't even play. Anyone else experiencing this horrific performance? Any suggested fixes? I have reset the Apple system, removed and reinstalled the app, performed any and all updates, reset the internet router and modem, all multiple times......


  • Lyn_T
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    Good evening @OtisMurphy and Welcome to our Community Forums,

    Thank you for reaching out to us about the Spectrum Streaming App. I am sorry to learn about the picture quality and functionality of the cloud DVR. Generally this type of concern indicates a signal concern. Have you tried the App on another device to see if this happens on all devices or just the one? -Lyn

  • OtisMurphy
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    It happens on my Samsung tablet, although not as frequently as the TV. I have had Spectrum out several times over signal concerns, and was told everything is fine. I suspect some issues are due to the old cable infrastructure (wiring and signal boxes) that was put in place decades ago.

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    Looks like your modem has been online for 33 days. Can you try restarting the modem and test the app again?

  • OtisMurphy
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    I've done this before.....multiple times, but I'll try again.

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