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Having a repeated problem with being told to reset our Spectrum password. Here’s my situation. We have a New York spectrum cable account. We recently purchased a vacation home in Florida. On our TV in Florida I log in to our NY Spectrum account to access the Spectrum App on the Florida TV. We’re in Florida only periodically and it works fine for a few days or maybe a week. But then for some reason out of the blue when we try to access the Spectrum App on the Florida TV it comes up with an error that requires that we reset our account password in order to regain the Spectrum App Service in Florida. Why is this happening? This has happened 5-6 times and is an extremely frustrating process to reset the account password. Please advise on some corrective action on Spectrums end.

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    Hello @Charlie_1751!

    Welcome to our community! I'm sorry about all the frustration with the password resets. This is something that our app teams are aware of and are working to resolve. At this time they have not provided us with an estimated date for the fix to be rolled out.

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