Remote won't connect to DVD player

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I just got a UR5U-8780L-TWC remote from the local spectrum store and it works on the TV, but I can't get it to connect to any of the DVD players. I have an older Samsung and pretty new Sony Blu-ray and it won't connect no matter what method I use. Tried ALL the codes, tried the cycling option, none work. Any ideas or do I have a faulty remote?


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    Welcome @thadlozen

    If the lights light up on the remote, you don't have a defective remote, rather an older remote (but still very widely used) that won't work with new third-party hardware. TV's should work fine. But the external devices are hit and miss.

    I would do one of two things:

    1.) Use the remote that came with the DVD player Or:

    2.) Go to Amazon and get a middle priced Harmony or Logitech Universal Remote. (Make sure you get one with a lot of 4-5 star reviews. It will be expensive (at least $150+ but it will control all the devices in your home.) Be sure to keep your Spectrum remote as a back up for your box/TV.



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    Hey Everyone,

    I searched Amazon for "Best Universal Controls" That are much, much cheaper than Logistic or Harmony and here is the link. Look for four and five star reviews. Go with something middle priced, with a lot of good reviews. Don't just get something out of a cracker jack box:


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