Why is marking email spam not decreasing the amount of spam I receive?

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I place spam email in the spam folder. This does not stop the spam. Why? I am not happy with Charter email because of this!



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    You have some options,

    One would be to contact Spectrum with a request to opt out of all marketing emails. You can do this by calling customer care, or by contacting Spectrum on Twitter (I find this works better than phone) Log into Twitter, or create an account. Follow the @Ask_Spectrum page and send a Twitter DM requesting to opt out from all Spectrum marketing emails. You will need to give your name and account number in a private message, so that this can be noted on the account.

    I would also recommend a back up web-based email account, which does a better job at Spam blocking than legacy Charter email. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook have better security with two-way email user authentication options, something that Spectrum/Charter does not have.

    I would also recommend the best and newest web-broswer with built in ad-blocking, malware/phishing protection, and security that the other browsers don't have The Brave Browser is built around security better than the other browsers. You should only change one setting in Settings, set the Btave Browser shields to "Aggressive." This will really help keep spam out of your free ISP-based email service inbox. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com will provide better spam guard than Spectrum email.

    You do not need any extensions to use the Brave Browser. Security is right out of the box. Here is more information about it and the ability to download it:

    If these steps do not stop your spam, I would check to make sure your system is up-to-date and update and run a full virus scan just to make sure that your computer or device is clean.


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    I just wanted to jump in to clarify something. Opting out of marketing emails can be done online through our website. You would also be able to opt out of marketing calls and mailers as well. This would only prevent legitimate emails, calls, and flyers that originate from us and not from other companies or calls from scammers pretending to be Spectrum employees.

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    @galem said "marking," not "marketing." Galem: not that you're necessarily doing otherwise but your best bet with spam that ends up in your inbox because it's not already marked as spam is to move it to the de facto spam folder by literally marking it as spam via the webmail portal rather than using the move function.

    Otherwise, forget about it: 🔗https://macmost.com/how-to-really-stop-getting-spam-email.html

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