How to go directly to live TV without launch screen?


I have an automation to turn on my TV at 6:00 PM every day for the local news broadcast. Setting the start-up channel in the app preferences works great! The audio is sent to all my Wi-Fi speakers. (sweet!) I am usually in another room and when I hear a story that I need to see, I run to TV and am usually greeted with this annoying launch screen that blocks the content. It is so annoying! I can’t find any preference to “on startup > go directly to live” or “on startup > bypass launch screen.” I have looked on and off for several years ever since this annoying feature was rolled out. Please implement this preference or tell me how I can bypass it if it is already there. Really, there is NOTHING else I do on my TV except watch the news at 6. I don’t need choices. I just need a clear screen so I can view the content without hunting for a remote. Really.

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    Hi @cbrown78501

    Currently there is not an option to change startup to anything other than the home screen. I'll be happy to forward feedback about this.

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