Buffering, Blurry, Out of Sync, Etc

Angelique_M Posts: 2 Spectator

Since October the 1st day of rollout, complete wiring replacement, modem replacements, 3 boxes, & endless reboots of everything, I am STILL battling buffering multiple times throughout the day as well as blurry or out of sync images during live TV. The recordings will buffer then show not available or go back to the beginning.

In addition, it would be helpful if instructions are enclosed on how to use the remote. Took a week, but figured it out.

And lastly, the lack of previewing while fast forwarding a recording is a pain. You have to guess & hope for the best.

I see that others have similiar issues & no clear solutions 4 months in.


  • Ruben_R
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    I am sorry for the service issues that you're experiencing with the Xumo box. 

    Thank you for providing us with this feedback, we will forward your suggestions to our engineers. 

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