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bobcpa1952 Posts: 2 Spectator

I can use the voice search function to find a show. Once I find that show, there is no option to record that show. Only option is to add the show to “My List.” Is there a way to record a show that is found using voice search, or do I have to go to the guide, find the show, and then hit the record button. Seems like a lot of unnecessary steps.

I do have the cloud DVR service in my account.


  • bobcpa1952
    bobcpa1952 Posts: 2 Spectator

    I don't know if anyone from Spectrum monitors these discussion topics. However, in case someone is monitoring, I would like to offer 3 suggestions to update the Zumo Streaming Box software:

    After I find a program through voice search, there does not seem to be a way to record that show from the search results; rather, I have to then to to the guide and initiate a recording from the guide. That is too many clicks on the remote

    The fact that you have to pause a recording in order to fast forward or go in reverse is also too many steps. I would like to fast forward or go in reverse without having to pause a show first

    I would like to see codes included in the software to be able to pair Control4 remotes to the Zumo box. Right now, this is not possible

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