Can not sign into my account I have had for 20 years

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I lost the ability to send email on 1-25-24 and the whole account on 1-26-24 while using chat to fix the problem. I can not sign into as it kicks me out to account page and not email. I have used MS Outlook for years without trouble on my desk top. Thankfully my mobile is still working with my account. Errors come up like 0X800ccc0e or 0x800ccc92 cannot log on to incoming mail server. My password may have been corrupted during chat but cannot risk changing it and losing my cell phone mail which continues to work correctly. It says to contact my ISP as an error also. Chat has been unable to help. My wife's account is continuing to work on the same network I am having trouble with. I think Spectrum/Charter are having an issue, but no one can help resolve this problem. Please help solve this issue as I have been trying for days now. Both my Outlook and Webmail at have stopped working. Everything else on our Spectrum internet connection is working well. jack

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    Hello @k8xx

    Welcome to Community Forums! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with and your Spectrum email. This is known issue, we are currently working to get this matter resolved as soon as possible. My apologies for any inconvenience.

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