I can't get On Demand to work on SpectrumTV.com

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I've been reviewing SpectrumTV.com as a way to watch TV at my desktop computer. No problems with Live TV but I can't get On Demand to work as stated in the Explore SpectrumTV.com webpage (https://www.spectrum.net/support/tv/explore-spectrumtvcom) which says:

Select an On Demand title and then:

Choose Watch On Demand to watch On Demand now.

Choose Watch Live if the program is currently playing on Live TV.

Add the program to your Watchlist.

When I select a title I get two options, Record or + Watchlist. There is no Watch On Demand nor Watch Live option.

The computer I'm using is running LinuxMint version 21.1 and the browser is Chrome version

Help, please.

Terry McCann

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  • Lyn_T
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    Good evening @Terry_McCann

    Thank you for contacting us about watching On Demand while using our website. When you go to the On Demand and you select the Series you want to watch do you go to the actual episodes and click on the available episodes? When you do, if there are available episodes you should see a Watch On Demand option. This is where you would select to watch the episode. Keep in mind not ever episode listed is available. Only the ones that have already aired are. Please let me know if this is they way you are doing it. -Lyn


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