Spectrum TV App Not available on new Hisense A65K


I go to google play and the Spectrum TV does not list?

I can cast it but that's terrible for browsing channels using my phone.

I already have a new TCL that this app is not available on but that's widely known.

any ideas on this Hisense as they say it is on all hisense smart TV's.

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  • James_M
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    Hi and welcome!

    Currently, the Spectrum TV App is available exclusively on Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV's.

    To use the app on a Hisense TV, you would need use a third party device that is supported by the app, including a ROKU, Xumo or Apple TV.

    Here is a link to other Spectrum TV App Supported Devices


  • Shores1
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    Correct but why can I not get it off google play store? Both TV's are new Google TV's with google play. This is ridiculous. So many remotes to do the same thing.

  • Tyleen_Z
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    I do apologize for any issues. GoogleTV does not offer the Spectrum TV app at this time. The link the other moderator posted gives the full list of devices that are able to download the Spectrum TV app.


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