Why does audio get out of sync with video on spectrum app

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For the past few months the audio on the Spectrum App on our Roku has been frequently out of sync with the video. The sound starts out fine when i start the app but over time it gets more and more out of sync. I can fix the issue by changing the channel and changing it back. Eventually the sound will drift again. Sometimes I have to restart the TV or App to get it back in sync. It seems rediculous that I pay to have spectrum but free TV has no issues. this subject has been on the forum before recently an April 2023 but spectrum closed it out with no fix. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone have a fix? It’s driving me nuts. Help!


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    Welcome to our Community! I helped another customer with this issue. He/she said that his/her issue was only with On Demand though after a commercial. I recommended a reboot of everything. (Router, Modem, TV, and Roku.) Check for updates for the Roku and on your Smart TV.

    Do you have another TV with a Spectrum box or Xumo Streaming box to test this? Reboot everything and let us know if it comes back. Is this on every channel? Or only On Demand? Only Specific Channels? Does it get worse after a commercial?

    When was your last service call to check your signals and your lines? Any bad weather or power outages in your neighborhood? What is your city, state, and zip code? This can tell if this is an issue in your location? (The mods can check for open tickets by providing this information.)

    Try the above things and report back. If the issue does not get resolved after trying the above things, set up a service call to check out your signals and equipment.


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