Spectrum App not staying loaded.


I see from many web sites, that a lot of other people have same problem.

Spectrum tech advised me to delete spectrum app from Roku tv because of audio lag (this is after have two separate tech out to check everything).

1.    I install the app and it will not stay loaded after a restart of TV. I have gone through all the trouble shooting with Roku except Factory Rest. They have had similar complaints but no real solution.

2.    Before I do factory rest. Need to go through apps and get listing of all Favorite’s. I have Others with limited capabilities. They would not be able to find these favorites again or know how to select them. So, I need to create a backup library of these. Guess no one has created an app for that?? I will have to use #2 Pencil and paper write them all down!


  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    Does the issue only occur on the ROKU TV? Are you able to test on a different device and doe the same thing happen?

    As a side note and for clarification, doing a factory reset of the ROKU TV will not change favorites saved on the Spectrum TV App. Favorites as well as any cloudDVR recordings will be saved.

    Let us know if you have additional questions or need further assistance.


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