Has anyone else been experiencing regular outages?

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No phone, no internet, and no cable has been a regular occurrence in my home. A technician has already been out here twice this year. 1st we received unordered equipment, then next thing you know, we wake up with no service and no reported outages in the area. Has this been happening to yall?

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    Hi @Psst334, welcome to our community!

    I was able to locate your account using your community registration. It does look like there was an interruption in your area this morning but it has been resolved. If you are still having trouble getting online please try rebooting your modem.

    Notes from the technicians we sent indicate the past repeat issues were due to electrical issues in your home and that you should contract your own electrician to have that checked out, our service does rely on steady power to the modem, router, cable receivers, and signal amplifiers.

    I also see the unordered equipment issue has already been addressed with you. As we improve our network outside, sometimes the provided equipment in your home will become outdated and no longer work correctly. If you keep the service for long enough all equipment will inevitable fail or become obsolete. Free replacements are provided in those cases as part of our service.

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