Why does the cdvr have limited info and record repeat shows

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I cannot understand how in 2024 a telecommunications giant like Charter does not have detailed info on shows that it broadcasts...I can find info from websites like imdb etc, but that is extra work that should be included with the info button - since the company FORCED us to close our old account (and open a new one to give us a "discount" and they told usthere is no way to go back) - which had 2 cable cards, with extended information (which was a 3rd party program) and a recording buffer which I set to 3 hours so I could rewind or pause live if I had to go out or to the bathroom. now we are forced to use the streaming option of the cloud dvr which is better than it was when it first came out, but not much. and why have an option to not "record repeats" when it constantly records repeats.

And don't tell me to "reboot" my equipment, because it is something on your end.

Dean Kensler

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    Hi @deankensler

    Thanks for taking the time to come here and provide your feedback! What specific information are you not finding under the info section? I can definitely forward your suggestions.

    When choosing to record a series there is a "Record Episodes" setting which has "New Only" by default, but can also be set to "All Episodes". It can be changed after by selecting the show in your DVR and then choosing "Series Options" and then "Edit Series".

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