When do I receive new equipment that is mentioned in changes letter?

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When do I receive new equipment mentioned in your recent “Changes” letter?

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    That information should be explained in your letter. As you posted in the TV Equipment forum, you might have gotten a letter about your cable box no longer being supported. (Spectrum is updating their communities and networks to more modern equipment.) The letter will provide you with a disconnect date and the details about options to take about returning your old equipment to Spectrum. They will typically mail new equipment out to you and you can take your old equipment to a Spectrum Store, where a rep will take the old box off your account. Be sure to get a receipt for any equipment returns and keep that for your records.

    You can always post here or contact Spectrum Customer Care for any help on activating new equipment and/or returning old equipment, Turn around times can vary, but it can usually take about ten business days from the time that the new equipment leaves the Spectrum warehouse to be shipped to when you actually get your new equipment.