Can something in Spectrum system block remote viewing an NVR?

Paul_Anderson Posts: 2 Spectator

I have security cameras with a network video recorder and a phone app that connects to the NVR. Some time ago the phone app stopped working over cellular network and works only when connected to home wifi.

I have my own router, not Spectrum WiFi, and it's set up with port forwarding for all the NVR service ports and the NVR is set to have a static ip address which I checked is not in conflict with anything else.

I also tested with a ping app on the phone which finds the NVR using wifi but not on cell only, so the phone viewing app is not the problem.

Could something in Spectrum Internet have changed to cause this although I'm not using Spectrum WiFi with its "Security Shield"?

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  • Ruben_R
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    I do apologize for this inconvenience. The network wouldn't be blocking it. The app seems to be the issue since it stopped working even with the mobile network. I would recommend contacting the app support for them to check settings.

  • James_M
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    Since you are using your own router, you are managing the network with your device. We are only providing the internet signal and we do not block the internet signal. Any blocking that is happening would occur on the app or device level. We suggest contacting the NVR manufacturer for additional troubleshooting.