How to stop remote from going to sports channels?

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From, any channel I am watching, the Guide button takes me to ESPNHD 300. The Down Channel button takes me to 783 NBA League Pass. The Up Channel button takes me to ESPN2. Etc. None of this did I ask for or do myself. How do I get back to normal functioning? I already rebooted my cable box and exchanged my remote.

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  • Satch
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    Hello @Gillnet4,

    When did this start happening? Do you have the box without a clock? Check your Guide Filters and make sure that your Guide is set to either "All Channels" or "Subscribed Channels" Check this setting:

    Select Guide to check what is currently on or browse through program listings—you can also surf through program descriptions here. GuideOptions allow you to sort networks with a variety of filters—view ALL networks or the SUBSCRIBED ones, sort channels Numerically or Alphabetically, Show HD & SD or SHOW HD ONLY

    If the Guide button is going to the above channels, can you press Settings on the remote and go to the Guide from the Quick Settings menu and check/change the settings that way?

    This is not a remote problem. If the settings are correct and you are still having problems, I would recommend a service call, because than you have either a signal problem, or a box problem.