How long does it take to fix a fiber optic?

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All with my Spectrum services went down at 12:42 AM Eastern standard time this morning. It took them until 8:03 AM to even start working on the issue. It is now 2:21 PM and no one in my area has any spectrum service at all. How do we get an estimated time of when this will be resolved?


  • William_M
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    Hi @Karenjp, sorry for the trouble with your service.

    Fiber optic repairs generally take a long time even in the best conditions. Many variables can cause delays and make estimating full repair time difficult. There is the time it takes to locate the damage and to get the correct equipment on site, how many fibers there are (typically several hundred bundled together which have to be individually spliced), if traffic needs to be rerouted or other parties like emergency services or power companies need to be coordinated with. If any estimates are available they will be shown when you sign in at or the My Spectrum app.