When I play a recording and try to fast forward the play/pause button does not stop the fast forward

Bruce6515 Posts: 2 Spectator

How do I get the fast forward of dvr program to stop and just play from the new spot

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  • HT_Greenfield
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    If you're talking about the Spectrum 201 or 210 "worldbox" running the Spectrum Guide software with the latest rather slick Spectrum remote with the round blue menu button:

    Nav-cluster up-arrow should toggle regular playback from any other forward or reverse playback mode and otherwise toggle between pause and play, and nav-cluster down-arrow should toggle live TV forward to real-time live regular play from any other replay mode/position and otherwise exit on-demand and DVR recording playback.

  • Lyn_T
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    Good evening @Bruce6515 and Welcome to our Community Forums

    Thank you for reaching out to us about the Fast Forward option on your remote. Has this Fast forward ever worked on this remote? Have you attempted to change out the batteries in the remote yet? -Lyn


  • Bruce6515
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    Thank you so much. You supplied me with the answer.

  • hoagland_1
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    Hi I cannot find the buttons to use while replaying recorded programs -please advise

  • Satch
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    Welcome @hoagland_1!

    They should be in the center of your remote. Some remotes have labeled functionality above all the buttons. Use the directional arrow keys on Spectrum's newest remote, which can be confusing because some of the buttons do not have specific printed names. What is the model of your remote? Here is a list of every remote that Spectrum offers. Scroll down: