World Box With Spectrum Guide and On Demand Shows Erratic Behavior in Show Progress

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There is often strange behavior with monitoring the progress of On Demand Shows with Spectrum Guide. For the purposes of this discussion, I am referring to Spectrum Guide on the World Box:

Last night, I watched Family Feud on GSN On Demand. When I went to the Guide by pressing Guide, I was kicked out of the program and back to Live TV. A bit annoying, but not a big deal.

Anyway, to go back to Family Feud, I went to My Library and the show at first wasn't there. On what seemed to be the second pause of the same show, Family Feud showed up with the appropriate Resume Options:

The erratic behavior is that often times, the On Demand show often starts over when Resume is pressed, or it goes back about 30 seconds from where you were before stopping the show. You have to Fast-Forward to your spot to get back to where you were when you paused.

With the older ODN Guide and boxes, you could go to Channel 500 using the remote's on Demand Button and and In Progress option on the side bar would be there. The progress bar parts of a show would sometimes be erratic in ODN, but at least it was easier to return to your On Demand Shows that you were watching previously!

There is also no option to go to On Demand Channel 500 on the Spectrum Guide and use the keyboard search like ODN had, you have to navigate up and down through categories to find the shows you want to watch. Just more ways to show how ODN is a better program guide than Spectrum Guide.



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    Similar behavior happened to me: Was browsing the Spectrum Guide, selected a movie that's already in progress, dumped me to the on-demand of the movie (great), started watching the movie, either paused or back, and then couldn't find the movie in the library. On my old box, it would show up under "save" section. I had to search for the movie to start over.