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why does spectrum keep closing these discussions without really explaining the situation and how to avoid this constant update to the password. Why not just tell us you require a reset every 90 days. This whole nonsense about suspicious activity is to stop account sharing. If Netflix Amazon and Disney can figure this out, surely you should be able to as well.

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    Hello and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    There is no time frame that we have to reset the password for the Spectrum TV app. I personally have not had that issue and use my TV app constantly. However if our system notices suspicious activity such as multiple logins from locations outside of your home network it can tag it as a potential issue requiring you to change the password. The app can be used outside of the home with limited access to the channels but is not meant to be shared with people to use constantly at other locations.



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    I’m not sharing with people at other locations, I am the account owner and I’m in other locations because I travel frequently. Spectrum should not create a mobile app, offer a streaming service and then not make it mobile friendly. Add the fact that you mention watching a mobile app in your home makes no sense to me. Amazon, YouTube, HBO have mobile apps, are starting to offer live events that are mobile and with networks starting to bundle, Spectrum is making less sense. Though not convenient, I’m beginning to think a better solution is to just work directly with the networks.

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