How do I fix a Problem with communication between my Spectrum Router and my Samsung TV.

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I am unable to watch "Live TV" on my Paramount+ app and I have tried everything that has been suggested to fix the problem. I found the the following information that states that it may be a problem with communication between the Spectrum router and the Samsung TV and Paramount+ app. It sounds like I would need a Spectrum technician to come in to solve this problem. See quote below:

"When it comes to Samsung TVs, the DNS configurations can impede on viewing when using the Paramount+ app as these settings send you to the proper servers to access the service. If these settings do not match your internet providers recommendations, then this can cause the issues you are experiencing on the Samsung TV. Also, IPv4 and IPv6 protocols can impede on viewing as well as these are used to make communication with our servers and others possible. Ensuring that DNS configurations match the ISP and having both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols enabled will allow for better communication between your device and our servers which will prevent the interruptions you are experiencing on this one device. To ensure this set-up is correct on your network, you would need to have your internet provider ensure this as we do not have access to the network. "

I would appreciate any help you can provide,