Am I the only person who is consistently having their DVR erased overnight??

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Twice in the last couple of months, (and other times throughout the years I have been with Spectrum/Charter), I have turned on the DVR and found it completely erased…Recorded Programs and Series Manager. Support has told me there is no way to recover anything…I just want to know if there is anyway I can prevent it from happening again. I recorded the NCAA Championship last night to watch today…but…it's gone. Like I said, am I the only one this happening to? Is there some way to protect my system??


  • James_M
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    Hi & welcome!

    Sounds like the hard drive on the DVR may be starting to fail. Have you noticed any other symptoms like slower responsiveness? Have you tried restarting the DVR? How old is the DVR (approximately) and have you scheduled a service call recently?