Mobil Extension

Bernardcroghan Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have a Spectrum account with a Pixel 77a. I'd like to have two pixels to operate as extensions. Does this require permission from Spectrum? If so, will Spectrum allow?:


  • HT_Greenfield
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    Stupid comment: if you're talking about making and receiving calls on other devices in the way that Samsung supports making and receiving calls on other Galaxy devices through a Galaxy phone, all i can figure is that neither VZW nor AT&T Mobility ever specifically supported that, nor is it obvious that it could be done from one cellularly active phone to another or that Google supports something like that for the Pixel at all.

    🔗 : "Note: Call & text on other devices currently does not work with Verizon and AT&T phones, and may not be available on all models from other carriers."