Spec box reboots itself on ppv channel 2102

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Been trying to watch a ppv event on HD ch 2102 & the Spec dvr box just decides to reboot itself anyone know why that is my box is plugged into the wall man I hope it doesn't do it again but I dunno why it not sure if the channel itself is a problem or what I don't always order on this channel for ppv events not sure what Spectrum I may call them 😕 thanks

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    Hello @DanielE

    Sorry to hear that your box rebooted when you tried to watch the PPV event. Has this happened before?


  • DanielE
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    So I called Spectrum on the phone today while I got back on the channel after it finished the reboot & the girl I talked with about this problem told me that my program wasn't on till like 5pm which I told her no it's not on later today Sunday & that I was trying to watch my purchase on ch 2102 HD ppv 2 & that the channel's HD picture was messing up & that had to be the reason why my Spec dvr box rebooted itself during my $39.99 wrestling event so then the girl told me that I was recording my event purchase off the channel which was a replay for TNA Rebellion which I then told her yes that I do record ppv events & that when I watch HD ppv 1 on channel 651 for any events that channel has no picture problems so I dunno & the girl I talked with today didn't really know anything about the fact that Spectrum even had a secondary HD ppv channel so that's why I tried to explain everything to her. But I will see what happens next if I try to call Spectrum again on the phone

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    Thank you for keeping us posted on this. I am sorry that happened when you contacted us. If you notice this again or need any further assistance please let us know. -Lyn

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