Xumo locks up, Netfilx does not work, Looses the Picture


This happens intermittently on all of our Xumo streaming boxes. We try all the suggestions to no avail. Finally the only thing you can do is a Factory Reset. Then things seem to work for awhile and then they fail again. This is ridiculous to solve the problem. I never had this problem when we had the cable boxes. We are paying a fee for each xumo box until we own them. So then what, do we buy a new updated box ?


  • Dasman207
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    I have 2 Xumos, both will shut down after 3-4 hours being on same channel. I have to unplug one of them for a minute and after shutting everything off and plugging the Xumo back in, start the system and wait for Xumo to go thru startup routine. The 2nd Xumo, all I have to do is shut the dydtem off and then start back up at same time the Xumo starts, don't have to wait for this one to go thru startup routine cause I did not have to unplug it. Can avoid this by changing the channel before the Xumos shut down.

  • Renee_T
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    Hello @DanW59

    Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the Xumos. Are they only freezing up when using Netflix or is it happening with other apps too?


    I have a similar question for you too. Is the Xumo shutting down regardless of what channel or app you're using? Do you get any kind of an error message before it shuts down?