If you’re going to move your cable to be Internet based, make sure your Internet is good enough.

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Watching the nhl playoffs on spectrum cable with the xumo box. Idk if it’s the box or the internet itself but the picture has been less than ideal the whole time, constantly being so blurry as to barely make anything out. If you’re going to offer cable through internet, it’s got to work…


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    Good morning & welcome @gjac,

    The video quality/resolution is automatically set based on the connection the device has. If the Xumo is close enough to the router, you can hardwire it via ethernet to avoid issues that can interfere when connected wirelessly. The internet equipment is showing online a while, so it can be helpful to reboot the device and internet equipment by removing at least the power from each device for 30 seconds or more. Are you having any issues with the connection on other devices?

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    Could be an issue closer to the source... congestion issues from the CDN side.

    If you have alternate way to view the game, it may fair better (like ESPN or Spectrum's).

    Another thing you could try is to set the resolution lower. IIRC, XUMO can go all the way to 2160p (4k)... but that takes considerably more bandwidth than 1080p or 720p—especially if it is trying to hold 60fps.